Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day, here in the United States,  is the  day we remember the men and women who have died while serving in the armed services.  It is also the unofficial start to the summer and today it is a hot one here in South Florida.  Feels like Summer is already here!

I drew three cards to see what might be coming up as we head into Summer.   I got the High Priestess, the Eight of Pentacles and the Four of Pentacles.

 The High Priestess is mystery and secrets.  Your own intuition may be speaking to you.  Listen! As I look at the three cards, I think the focus will be on career and business.   The 8 of pentacles is a card of work, craftsmanship, details.  If something has been tugging at you about your work pay attention. If you have been thinking that more training or classes might help you in your job, you are probably right.  The 4 of pentacles can mean being apprehensive of change.  Maybe you do need more training to move ahead.

If you have been thinking of learning a new trade, don't be afraid to try.  The High Priestess is showing that you know what needs to done.  Get organized and get working.

Romance won't be on the front burner.  Someone may be trying to avoid getting involved right now. Don't push it.  Business and finances look pretty good.  It may be slow in coming, but it will get better.  The 8 of pentacles shows financial gain, but not in huge sums.  The 4 of pentacles shows that you will have enough money to pay the bills.  You may be working very hard for your money.  You may be thinking is the success worth all the sacrifice?  You need to figure that out.  There has to be a balance.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zero For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

We are at the end of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  This brings us back to the beginning and that is Zero.

I thought I would only make it one week, but here I am.  I made it all the way through.  I said nothing profound in my blogs.  It was so nice to get comments from people who have no interest in the Tarot. I appreciated that.

In the Rider Waite Tarot deck, the Fool is numbered Zero.  The Fool is beginning a journey.  An adventurous spirit leads the Fool through the challenges of how to live life.

The Fool is about to step off a cliff.  There is no concern on his face. The sun shines brightly in the sky.  The little dog seems prepared to go with him.  This is a leap of faith.  The spirit of God has given him the faith to move forward and to trust in himself.

I look at this card as positive.  With negative cards it can be a warning that you are being foolish. With the Moon card it may mean that there may be dangers in your journey.  Keep a watchful eye.

In questions of romance this may tell you that the person you inquire about is a free spirit.  This person may not want to commit to a relationship or you may be feeling mixed emotions about getting involved.  Listen to your gut.

Leave your worries to God and you will feel lighter.  What you need will come to you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Youth For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

Youth - The Six of Cups can mean youth, children, childbirth or childhood memories.  Feeling loved and protected.

Now that we have taken care of the Y, this card can also indicate that finances are good.  You may receive a gift.  With work related cards this will show a job offer.  There may be a new love coming into your life.

Because this is a card of the past it can literally mean antiques or archaeology or someone working in those fields.  This can be a warning to stop living in the past.  Remember the past, but live for the future.

You could get good news, a compromise will be reached.  With positive cards, things are going to work out better than expected.  Keep your eye out for happiness and you will find it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xylography For The A to Z Blogging Challenge


noun xy·log·ra·phy \zī-ˈlä-grə-fē\

Definition of XYLOGRAPHY

:  the art of making engravings on wood especially for printing

This letter was even harder than U.  When I saw this word I thought of the Eight of Pentacles.
The Eight of Pentacles is the card of work.  Dedication and learning a trade, an apprenticeship. The man on the card looks like he might be doing xylography.
This card also indicates financial gain, but not big sums of money.  You will be working for it. There will be a lot of things to do in this project.  Don't let the details overwhelm you.  Get organized.  This is craftsmanship.
If you are looking for a relationship It will be coming soon.  If your on a job search this card indicates that a new job is on the way.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wish For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

The Nine of Cups - the wish card in the Tarot deck.

To yes or no questions this card means yes.  Nines are completion. Obtaining your goal.

The man in the 8 of Cups may have been walking away from disappointment or following his true path.  Reaching the Nine of Cups he now feels satisfied.  This card is pleasure of all the senses.  If paired with the Lovers card it will show sexual satisfaction or a relationship that is very satisfying.

This can indicate enjoying, but maybe overindulging.  The man sitting in front of the cups has his arms folded.  Another warning of this card, don't be too smug.

This card is about getting what you want.  Maybe it is what you think you want.  Remember the saying - Be careful what you wish for?  Go ahead and make your wish.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Victory For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

The Six of Wands is victory.

I love to see this card in a reading.  After the intense struggle of the Five of Wands, victory is at hand. The man on the horse is facing right, looking to the future. If there is any negativity with this card, it is a warning not to get to full of yourself.  Success is within reach, but you have to work at it.

Finances may have been tight, but this will change when the Six of Wands shows up.  Work will be successful.  Projects will do well because of cooperation among all involved.  A new romance has the potential to work out well.

Difficulties will be overcome and negative conditions will come to an end.  You will have good luck. Be thankful for all that you have.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Uberty For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

Uberty, yes it is a word.  I had a hard time trying to find a U word to relate to the Tarot!



n.1.Fruitfulness; copiousness; abundance; plenty.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.
This is The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is the Queen of fertility and abundance.  This is a woman who can help you financially.
Finances are good, work is looking good and there may be an offer of employment.  Romantically this can mean you will meet someone.  This card is somewhat like the wish card.  Things are going to work out better than you thought.
This business person will attract money.  Since fertility is represented by this card it can mean a pregnancy.
You will hear something that will give you hope.  Keep the faith, because what you want will come to you.