Thursday, December 25, 2014

Travel Back In Time with The 12 Days Of Christmas

Using Janet Boyer's Back in Time Tarot method let's look at the 12 days of Christmas.

Instead of randomly drawing cards, I chose the cards that, for me,  represent the events of the Christmas story.  The 12 days of Christmas are the 12 days after Christmas leading to the Epiphany.

The star appears to the Magi and they set out on their journey.  We don't know much about these wise men.  In the Bible, only Matthew's Gospel mentions the Magi.  There is no mention of three Kings.  The Magi brought 3 gifts.  From this it was assumed there were 3 men.  They are not named, but later legend gives names to the three Kings.

These men from the East may have been Zoroastrians.  Zoroastrian Priests knew the stars and were known for their knowledge of Astrology.  At the time, astrology was considered a Science.  With most people at the time being illiterate, such learned men would be considered almost magic.  Hence the Magi.  This is why I chose the Magician card to represent the Wise Men in the story.

We do know this, The Magi knew the word of God, saw the sign from Heaven, and were lead to their exact destination by the Star.

The cards I picked for the 12 days of Christmas:

The Star is the guiding light, a wish fulfilled.
The Magician - The Magi is the Mystic, will, power, majesty
The Fool is a leap of faith as the Magi set out on their journey, the rose he holds shows the passion.
The 8 of Cups is a spiritual quest, a pilgrimage
The Emperor is Herod, tyranny and abuse of power are the negative side of the Emperor. The Magi go to Herod to ask if he knows of the child.
The 10 of Pentacles is the Holy Family.  
The Judgement is a major wake up call, the Guardian Angel.  The Magi are told to return by another route and do not tell Herod of their find.
The High Priestess is secrets, wisdom, things hidden.  The Magi keep the secret .
The Moon is dreams and listen to your intuition.Both Joseph and the Wise Men were given warnings in a dream and both listened to the warnings.
The 6 of Swords is travel and leaving a bad situation, an unplanned, "must go" trip
The World means the journey is over a new beginning is at hand
The Ace of Cups is a powerful spiritual awakening. On the card is the hand of God holding a chalice and a dove representing Peace and  the Holy Spirit.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Solstice and New Moon December 21

Winter officially begins December 21, 2014 at 6:03 pm EST.  This will be the shortest day of the year.  Now we can look forward to the days getting longer.  This year the Winter Solstice coincides with the new moon.

It's time to make a list of your new moon wishes.  New moons are the best time to start manifesting your dreams and wishes.  Equally important is being thankful for all the blessings received no matter how small.  If you can't acknowledge the small gifts, why would you be granted more abundance?

The one card reading for the Winter Solstice - The Page of Cups

Pages bring messages so be prepared for calls, messages about work and social invitations.  Since this card can be an omen of love and romance, maybe you will be asked out on a date?

A problem that seems never ending will get resolved.

The Page of Cups is young and can show immaturity.  Children are represented by this card and along with that goes pregnancy and childbirth.  They may be a Pisces. This child is a loving child.

The Page of Cups may be someone looking at a new religion or a spiritual seeker, possibly a new student. If you have started a new job, you will be learning something new.

Financially the Page of Cups is a good sign.  You will have the money that you need to buy the things you need and want.  The warning is, don't be extravagant.

Write your list of new moon wishes and go out under the stars on December 21st.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Long Nights Moon One Card Reading

The days are shorter and the nights are longer, hence the Long Nights Moon.   Also known as the Moon Before Yule, this moon is full today.

The one card reading for the Long Nights Moon:  The Hermit.

Holding a lamp to light the way, the Hermit is not lost, he knows the way. The lamp he carries holds a six pointed star like the seal of Solomon.  With a walking stick for stability, the Hermit has gained the knowledge and lights the way for the rest of us who are searching.

The Hermit can represent a Scientist or Researcher. This can show someone on a spiritual journey.  This card is wisdom and leadership. The card is numbered 9.  Compassion, spirituality, the completion of a cycle are represented by the number 9.

You may have to take a business trip.  At work, others may be coming to you for help.  As far as finances go this card is a good omen.  It can show that you will be recognized at work and will have financial success.  You will have enough money for the things you want to do after paying the bills.

If you have been feeling isolated, a cycle is about to end that will change things for you for the better. An old friend or admirer may contact you.  You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This card can show that someone is considering a major lifestyle change or a big move.  You will find what you are looking for.  If beginning a new business, it will be successful.  A health issue will turn out not to be a problem.

Know that the worst is over.  Like the full moon, a new cycle is about to begin.

Get out there and soak up the Long Nights Moon rays!

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Reading

The countdown is on to Christmas.  Black Friday is here.  Some of my friends started last night.  I was too full of turkey to experience the adventure.

The one card reading for Black Friday - The 2 of Cups

The 2 of cups is a card of relationships,  Not always romantic, it can be a business relationship or just friends.  This is a card of choices, negotiations and cooperation. The Cups of success.

If you are in business negotiations things look good for you.  At the start of a romantic relationship?
This card shows you may be feeling that "love at first sight", but don't get too excited, you don't know them very well yet. Already in a relationship?  You seem to get along well together.  You may have to make a choice between to loves!

If you have been estranged from a friend or family this card shows a reconciliation. No matter what is going on now in your life things will start to look up.  A financial problem that has been bothering you will get resolved.  You may hear some good news or get a job offer.

A short trip or excursion will be fun or go well.  Making it home without being trampled at Walmart
would be a very positive thing!

Be safe on Black Friday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving One Card Reading

Put away the Spanx and loosen your belts.  It is Thanksgiving.

We now can go into a panic about how close it is to Christmas, but first let's enjoy the turkey.  You don't need too many decorations for Thanksgiving.  At Christmas you may have to be in competition with your neighbor to see who can get the highest electric bill with Christmas lights.

I am very fortunate at Thanksgiving.  My Daughter is a Mayflower descendant.  I use my Daughter and her 3 children as decorations.  We have living history at our table!  Now that my Parents are gone, I am the home the family travels back to at the holidays.  It is now my duty to create the dysfunctional family holiday in my home and I try my best to continue the tradition.

The one card reading for Thanksgiving - The 6 of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles shows a man giving money to those in need.  When this card shows up in your reading it may show your generosity or that you need to be more generous.  This does not always mean the generosity of money.  It can be the generosity of your time or advice.  The man is holding scales which shows the need for balance.  Don't give too much of yourself.

Depending on your situation, this card can mean that if you are in need of help, you just need to ask.
Someone is willing to help.

This card can mean enjoyment of good times with friends. Someone may show their appreciation to you.  Debts will get paid.  This can show that you will be spending money.  Possibly Black Friday?
If you have been under a lot of stress, things will get better.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Moon in Sagittarius

We have a new moon in Sagittarius today.  Sagittarius, a fire sign, is the sign of the seeker.

When I think of Sagittarius I think of the Fool card in the Tarot.  The Fool, like Sagittarius, is a freedom loving adventurer.  Sagittarius craves new experiences.  They can be philosophical and can make good teachers.  Sagittarius is carefree, but on the opposite side this can be carelessness and irresponsibility.

The one card reading for the New  Moon in Sagittarius  - The Star

The Star, one of the most positive cards in the deck, is the card of faith.  Hope and inspiration. You must have faith in yourself as well as others.  Believe and it will happen!

If you have been completely off track  the Star is here to lead the way back to the right path.  Work may not be going as you like and you feel the need for a change. Now is the time to work on your professional goals.  Things are going to work out.

Finances are going to be good.  If you are struggling now, the future looks promising.  There could be a surprise financial break!

The Star card is number 8.  The number 8 is very positive.  A positive change of mind.  If you have been trying to sell a property, you may get some offers.

If you are in a relationship you may feel a very strong bond to that person.  If
hoping to be in a relationship, keep the faith.  Believe in the future.  Trust yourself to find that right person.  Someone who is kind and caring.

With a new moon comes new beginnings.  As we wait for the full moon, go out and wish on a star.
The future looks bright.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day 2014
Today is Veterans Day.  On this holiday we honor those people who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
The Knight of Pentacles reminds me of the Veterans.  The Knights are all military, but the The Knight of Pentacles stands for duty, honor responsibility.  On his horse at the edge of a river, the Knight seems to be contemplating his next move.
The Knight of Pentacles is competent, reliable, conscientious and methodical. These are the traits of the people who have taken up arms to protect this country.
Thanks to all the Veterans who have taken up arms to protect this country.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Card Reading For Full Beaver Moon In Taurus

November 6 we will have the full moon in Taurus.  This full moon is also called the Beaver Moon (get your mind out of the gutter) or the Frost Moon. One explanation for the name Beaver Moon is that the Algonquin Indians and the Colonists were setting their beaver traps at this time of year to make sure they had enough warm furs for the winter.  The other is just that the beavers were most active this time of year.

At the full moon, we achieve balance.  The intentions that you set at the new moon come full circle. Under this full moon you feel your sensual side more active. You may need to achieve better balance in your relationships now is the time to work on this.  This full moon is also a creative full moon. Take a close look at your finances.  Look at different ways to generate income.

The one card reading for the Full Moon In Taurus: The Ace of Wands.

The Ace of Wands is the initial burst of creativity.  Aces mark a fresh start.  Think new beginnings, ideas, ambitions.  Now is the time to act to achieve success.

You may start a project at home or a business out of the home.  Ideas about a new business are starting to form.  There may have been worry about a project or lack of clients, but this card shows that you will hear good news about a new business or your work.

You may be starting a new treatment or purification program.  The Ace of Wands is creation, birth or start of things so this can also mean the start of a pregnancy.  This is a good time for new beginnings!

If you are in to Crystals take them out into the moonlight and cleanse them.

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Happy Beaver Moon!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Fun

Do you have any plans for Halloween?  If trick or treating is not on list of things to do, check out haunted hotels, restaurants or bars in your area.  Do some ghost watching!

Here in South Florida, there are quite a few places to find ghosts.  The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables Florida was built in 1925.  The War Department converted the hotel to a hospital during World War II.  Many soldiers were treated and died there.  In 1968 the Biltmore was restored to the grande hotel that it was.  It is said that the 13th floor of the Biltmore is  haunted by soldiers who were treated at the hospital.  On Sundays there is a tour of the property and if the rooms where hauntings have occurred are empty the guide will bring the tour there.

The closest to me is the Blue Anchor British Pub on 804 E Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach, Florida. The Blue Anchor was originally built in 1864 in London, England.  Yes, the United Kingdom.  The bar was closed to "put up a parking lot".  In 1996 the outside of the bar with it's beautiful windows and doors, was shipped to the United States and is the outside of present The Blue Anchor British Pub in Delray Beach.

The bar had a haunted history for more than one hundred years before coming to the U.S.  The Blue Anchor was haunted by a woman named Bertha Starkey.  Bertha was killed at the bar by her jealous husband after being caught with another man.

It seems that Bertha traveled the 4000 miles with the windows and doors and haunts the bar at it's present location in Delray Beach, FL.  I asked the bartender if she had seen the ghost.  No, she had not, but other employees had.

It is also told that in 1888 two of Jack the Rippers victims spent their last night drinking in the Blue Anchor.

Check out your area and see what's around you.  You might be surprised.

The one card reading for Halloween :  9 of Cups

The wish card!  This card brings many blessings and " No holds barred".  My first thought is about all the children trick or treating and getting all the candy they want!  Some kids like this better than Christmas.

The 9 of Cups is satisfaction on all levels.  As an answer the 9 of Cups means yes.  Nines represent completion and the start of a new cycle.  The number 9 can mean a nine month time period so this card can signal pregnancy.

This card shows enjoyment of life and all it has to offer, but remember too much of a good thing is can be dangerous.  The warning is not to enjoy too much!!  Drunkenness, gluttony, selfishness can result if not careful.

Satisfying romantic relationships come with this card.  You may want a new partner to start a new relationship better than you had before.

Luck will be with you if you are bartering.  You may receive a call about work or finances.  It will be good news.  You will get your wish, but it may take a different form than you thought.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

As Seen On TV: Weight Loss, Dr. Oz and Tarot cards

Now that the cat is out of the bag about Dr. Oz and his diet "miracles" millions of us will be wondering how to lose weight.

I embarrassingly confess that I tried 3 miracles touted by Dr. Oz.  The first was Raspberry Ketones.  Before starting the "diet", I pulled 3 cards from my favorite Tarot deck.  I don't remember the exact cards, but I do remember what they said.  A change was needed, my diet needed to be improved to bring about better health.  This sounded strangely like I was going to need a diet.  I hate that word!!  It is difficult to read your own Tarot cards.  My rational side said a healthy diet and exercise will work.  My stupid side said the pills with no changes in diet will work.  I was leaning towards the pills.

A call to my friend Jess will clear all this up in no time.  Jess is also a Psychic.  I tell her that I am going to try a new diet.  I make no mention of Dr. Oz.  I was too embarrassed.  I said I just want to know if it will work. Will I lose any weight.  Jess tells me that I have to cut back on sugars and eat healthier. ( this sounds like my cards)  Jess continues... the outcome is totally up to you.  Now I know rationally that taking a pill will not fix this, but I try anyway.  Three weeks later, nothing happened.

I went through this routine 2 more times with Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia.  Jess is a true friend.  She never told me I was an idiot, but then I never told her I was using "miracle pills".

Then this past Summer the miracle happened.  I got a call from my friend Elaine.  We decided to get together.  We hadn't seen each other in a while.  Elaine is an Astrologer.  When we get together we read each others cards and Elaine fills me in on all things Astrological.  When the weekend rolled around I drove to Elaine's.  When I pulled up there was a woman standing in the driveway.  I didn't recognize her at first.  It was Elaine!  At least 30 pounds lighter.  My first thought was what pill is she taking?  Why didn't she let me know the secret?  It turns out she had let me know.  Every time we talked, Elaine told me she had cut back on fat and was eating healthier.  No starvation, no cleansing and still drinks wine!

Now I was really inspired.  I went home that afternoon with a new resolve to change my diet.  I did a combination of low carb and portion control washed down with a glass of Tarot Grenache wine.  I saw Elaine a week later.  I asked her if I was going to lose weight on my new diet.  I was afraid to read my own cards on this.  Elaine shuffled the deck and pulled out the Five of Pentacles.  My heart sank.  This is one of the most depressing cards in the deck.  All I could see was self doubt, problems, troubles, loss.  Then it hit me.  I was looking at the card to deeply.  The 5 of Pentacles can simply mean : you are about to experience loss!  Once again the cards were right.  I have lost 11 pounds.  I think I will start walking again and lose more weight.  The outcome is up to me.

Forget about all the bogus Dr. Oz diets.  Cut back on your carbs and fats. Indulge once in a while and still enjoy a glass of Tarot Grenache wine.  The pounds will melt away.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Moon in Scorpio

Tomorrow we are in Scorpio with a New Moon in Scorpio! Scorpio is a sign of power.

A New Moon brings new beginnings.  Once again get your affirmations ready for new beginnings.

The one card reading for Scorpio and the New Moon:  The Empress

The Empress wears a crown with 12 stars symbolizing the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  The gown she wears is decorated with ripe pomegranates symbolizing fertility and sensuality.  The Empress is the creator of life, romance or business.  The fruit can mean fertility and pregnancy, but can also be a fruitful mind.  The Empress is the power of creation so she is the Mother of ideas!  Trust your intuition.  A new business idea will be fruitful.

The Empress represents all things beautiful or considered beautiful.  So this can mean someone having cosmetic surgery.

This card can mean you are having issues with you Mother or Mother figure.  It can simply mean juicy gossip.  This card is a good omen if you are trying to get pregnant.  Positive changes in attitude will bring success.

There is a warning to read all documents carefully and trust your feelings about them.  If you are writing documents, make sure your intentions are clearly understood.

You also need to manage your stress.  Upper back problems may be from stress.  A positive attitude is needed.  If you are longing for love, you need to open up to unconditional love.  If you find comfort in nature, take a walk, visit a garden, an aquarium.  Enjoy the peaceful feelings!

There may be some delays in your financial dealings, but the money will be coming.

Happy New Moon!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain

It's almost Halloween. The Halloween decorations are up.  Kids are getting their costumes ready.

Halloween has it's roots in Christianity and Paganism.  All Saints Day is November 1.  It was originally celebrated in May, but there are conflicting stories as to how it got moved to November 1. One story being that the Feast was moved to coincide with the Pagan holiday to convert the Pagans.  The other is that a Pope moved the date to coincide with the dedication of a church honoring the Saints.  The word halloween comes from hallow meaning holy or sanctified.  All Saints Eve or All Hallows Eve becomes Halloween.

Samhain, meaning Summers end, is an ancient Celtic celebration of the final harvest and the beginning of Winter. It is celebrated starting at sunset October 31.  The Celts believed the curtain between the living and the dead was lifted during Samhain letting the spirits roam around the living.

The one card reading for Halloween and Samhain:  The Chariot
The Chariot is victory through strength.  When the card is referring to a person, they will be strong willed.
The Chariot is ruled by the sign Cancer which is ruled by the Moon.  The moon stands for the ebb and flow of life.

The Chariot shows that you must take action to succeed.  The two crescent moons on the Charioteer's shoulders mean there is a new beginning at hand.  In order to bring about this new beginning you will need to harness your energies.  You may be lacking direction in your life.  You need to take control of the reins.  You may need to combine forces to regain control.  You can see in the card the the Charioteer has no reins. Willpower is how he controls the chariot.   Success will be attained as long as you maintain control.

This card can also mean winning a lawsuit or you may need to confront someone over a money issue.  If you are wondering which way to go, let go of doubt and success will come.  Don't let your fears guide you.  The Chariot is advancement through bold action.

The Chariot can just mean your transportation.  You could be getting a new car. Someone is going to pass their drivers test.  If you are wondering about travel or relocation the answer is yes.  Since it is Halloween and this card represents transportation, be very careful driving especially in the neighborhoods where all the little goblins will be trick or treating!

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumnal Equinox and Sun Enters Libra

Autumnal Equinox and The Sun Enters Libra

September 22, 2014 @ 10:29 pm, the Autumnal Equinox will begin.  So, no matter where on Earth you live, there will be about 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.  This is the astronomical start of Autumn.

At just about the same time, the Sun will enter Libra.  This heralds a good time for romance and socializing.  Libra, a cardinal sign, rules relationships.   The scales of Libra show the need for harmony and balance in relationships.

A one card reading for this time - I pull the Queen of Cups.  The Queen of Cups is a person with a strong spiritual life, Reliable, willing to help you with anything.  This person has the gift of vision, keeps their emotions in balance and always brings out the good in people.

When the Queen of cups shows up it is a good sign for romance.  Relationships get better and for the single and looking, someone is about to enter your life.  Update your online profile.  Someone is looking for you!

You may have some family issues come up.  Remember to stay level headed and keep your emotions in check when dealing with family.  In relation to business, you may have a hard time getting your ideas across.  If you are trying to sell something or your home, it may not happen right now.

Just remember, now is the time for socializing!  Get out and have some fun!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Lunar Effect

I remember 26 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child.  I was living on Cape Cod.  This was to be my Parents first Grandchild and they were excited.

My Father called me one night to tell me heard a story on the radio about the moon's effects on pregnant women living in coastal communities.  My Father was intrigued and said "Maybe the baby will be born at the full moon".  My Daughter was born December 22, 1988 and the full moon was December 23.  Pretty Close don't you think?  Well, six years later I was living in Florida and pregnant with my second child.  My son was born September 18, 1994 and the full moon was September 19.  I was convinced!!

Apparently there is no scientific evidence to prove the Lunar Effect.  They should have interviewed me for the study.  Anyway, I decided to do my own extensive research.

Today is Sunday August 10th.  It is a full moon and a Super moon tonight!  The maternity wards must be packed.  I place a call to Wellington Regional Hospital and ask for the Maternity ward.  I am connected with Nanette.  I am told by Nanette that the maternity ward has 3 Mothers in labor.  Nothing out of the ordinary. I ask if at other full moons has it been busy?  Nanette tells me "No, we usually notice a spike in delivery around storms in August and September.  This, she tells me, may due to barometric pressure or everyone having a very good time on Valentines day.  However this can't be proved either.

So why do we all say "It must be a full moon"  every time something weird happens ?  We all must feel it don't we?

German Researchers Hans-Joachim Mittmeyer of the University of Tubingen and Norbert Felip from the Health Institute of Reutlingen claim that a study of police reports for 50 new and full moon cycles shows that the moon is responsible for binge drinking.  So there you have it.  There is a Lunar Effect, but I already knew that!

I will probably get to meet Nanette soon .  My Daughter is pregnant with her third child and will be delivering at Wellington Regional Hospital.  I will get more information from her then.

So tonight I am sitting in my kitchen looking out at the big, full super moon and making my affirmations. Maybe my Grandchild will be born tonight?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Reading for Super Moon August 10th 2014

The one card reading for the Super Moon August 10th, 2014.  The Hierophant # 5.
The number 5 stands for change, expansion, challenges and fluctuations.

If you have been seeking spiritual guidance, you are now ready to hear and listen to the message.

It looks like this Super Moon will be all about obstacles, conflicts, regrouping, and complications.  Don't let this worry you because you are now forewarned.

Balance and conformity is the message of the Hierophant.  Don't do anything radical.  Go with the flow for a while.  This will manifest in different ways.  Personally, a new relationship may not pan out, but you knew it wasn't right to begin with.  Move on and let go of past hurts.  New opportunities are coming.

Financially you may get the run around with paperwork.  Someone may forget to pay you. It will work out, but cause you aggravation.

Professionally you may not be able to get your ideas off the ground, but this may be a blessing in disguise. A different direction will bring success.

Physically you may be experiencing respiratory problems.

The Hierophant explains the mysteries.  You may need to seek the advice of someone who is more qualified than yourself.

No matter what is going on a full moon is a powerfull moon.  Make your affirmations on the full moon!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tarot Readings for Children?

When my children were young, I would do Tarot readings at a friends house or a client's home.   With the arrival of the internet, readings could be done at home.  My kids saw me doing readings frequently.

My daughter never showed any interest in the cards at all.  My son watched closely when I would do readings  for friends.  The colors and pictures really got his interest. As he watched me  putting things away he asked "how do you do that?"  I don't know why, but I didn't know what to say.  I thought maybe I shouldn't show him this.  What should I do?

I thought well, at least he didn't ask about sex so I gave him the deck and told him to look at all the cards and tell me what he thought.  I was amazed at his insight and his interest.  About a week later he walked in to my office and asked if he could ask me a question with the cards.  Then he said " do I have to tell you the question?"  I told him that he could keep the question in his mind.  Meanwhile I started to panic again.  Ok now this is the sex thing or drugs or who knows what!!!  I stayed calm and decided that it can't be that bad he is only 12. I was afraid that every black card in the deck would come up and what would I tell him? I had him shuffle the cards and cut the deck.  To my complete surprise they were beautiful cards!  I don't remember the exact cards, but I told him that he had been worrying over something needlessly and that it was going to end very well.  As soon as he heard that he flopped down in a chair and said " YES, I am going to pass the test".