Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Equinox Comes with New Super Moon and Solar Eclipse

Friday March 20th at 6:45 pm the Sun will shine directly on the Equator.  It will be the first day of Spring.  As we move in to Aries there will be a new super moon and a total solar eclipse.

Here in the U.S. we will not be able to see the eclipse, but will be streaming the eclipse at 4:30 am ET.

This new moon is a super moon.  This is a powerful time for new beginnings!  Now is when you set your intentions for a new job, good health, happiness, prosperity or whatever you want.

The Knight of Swords is the card I pulled for this reading.

When you see a Knight in your reading, something is about to change.  The Knight of Swords takes on challenges that others fear.  Swift and bold action.  A sudden departure or arrival. Struggle and conflict or the end of it.

This card usually is concerned with business and finances.  Unexpected good news about your career, but you may get news of someone's illness.

Someone may help with a new business opportunity.  A new project will bring financial success.

This card may be hinting at the need for more confidence to get what you want.  Someone may be getting a new car.

As for romance, this can be the Knight in shining armor.  An unexpected love affair.  A lot of socializing.

You have the ability to make things happen.  Don't be afraid to go after your dreams.  So set your New Moon Intentions and make your dreams come true.
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day One Card Reading For March 17, 2015

La Fheile Padraig Sona Dhuit!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day To You!

Saint   Patrick's Day was a quiet religious holiday in Ireland celebrating the life of one of Christianity's best known figures.  So who turned St. Patrick's Day in to the major party day it has become?  That would be us here in America.

As more Irish hit the shores of America, the bigger the party got.  We have some good wakes too, but that's another blog topic.

In honor of my Irish roots, I am using the Celtic Tarot Deck for this one card reading.

The Six of Cups.

Happiness from the past. Nostalgia, pleasant memories. Content with a relationship.  The memories may be pleasant, but don't dwell on the past.  Always look to the future.

After the disappointment of the 5 of cups, the 6 of cups counsels you to look back at all you have been through.  You will realize that you have made it through some tough times. You now know you can make it through anything.  It may have strengthened your relationship with a Husband, lover or other family members.

It may be time to make new friends.  You may run in to old friends or relatives.

This card is good for finances.  Things will work out better than you thought.  In regards to business, things will work out, but a compromise will have to be made.

Happiness from the past can mean someone is returning.  This card shows the feeling of being loved or a gift being received.  Whatever trials are coming your way, you can handle it.

Now go put on your green clothes, your shamrock earrings and go have some green beoir.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Daylight Savings March 8th 2015

At 2:00am Sunday March 8th, Daylight Savings begins.  We now come out of the darkness.  I love the longer evening light,  I live in South Florida and the weather is beautiful this time of year.  Why can't we stay in Daylight savings all year?

With this change, it will now be darker in the morning and lighter at night. This messes up our sleep cycles or body clock.  As we lose an hour of sleep, jet lag will set in.  Do you know what this does to the body?  I know, it is only an hour, we are not crossing the international date line, but you can still feel it.  Jet lag produces poorer performance on tasks and on concentration.

On Monday morning everyone heads back to work. It is bad enough on a regular Monday commute. This coming Monday everyone will have jet lag!  I will have to travel on the Florida Turnpike. Merging on at 80 miles an hour to avoid being killed by trucks, Snow Birds, and finger flipping road rage warriors.

I think we all feel we come from a state with the worst drivers. I thought for sure it was Florida, but according to USA Today, Florida is not even in the top 10 states for worst drivers.  It is Montana.  I still say they are here in Florida.

I shuffled my cards and pulled one from the deck to to see what Daylight savings will bring.  I pulled the Wheel of Fortune!

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up change is certain.  You should be prepared for change expected and unexpected.  These are usually situations beyond our control.

It is interesting that the Wheel of Fortune can just literally mean wheels or your transportation.  It may be time to rotate the tires on your car or some sort of maintenance on your car. I better check this before I run the gauntlet down the Turnpike Monday morning.

If you have been on top of the World, keep an eye out for change. Remember, if you are prepared for change, it will go well.  If things have been going badly, a change for the better is in store.

Finances that have been troubling will see a change.  Physically you may be feeling ups and downs. You may need to eat a more healthy diet.

Someone from your past may contact you or you may receive an important email.

Good luck everyone.  Stay alert until we adjust to the change.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Full Crust Moon Reading

The last Full Moon of Winter is March 5th.  According to the Farmers Almanac, it is known as the Full Crust Moon or Full Worm Moon.  I will stick with the Full Crust Moon.  Because the snow would get crusted from thawing and freezing.  This is more apropos for most of the country anyway.

The card I drew for the one card reading, The Moon.

The Moon is a major card and usually means a big event.  The first thing I always think when I pull the Moon card is disturbance.  Something is not right or not what you thought it was.  This can be related to career, work relationships, love relationships and just about any situation.

The dog stands for our tamed mind and the wolf, our primal urges. The crayfish shows the emerging subconscious.  If you do not pay attention to the messages you may be deceived.  It is necessary to pay attention so that you can see what is below the surface.  The dew drops coming from the moon will nourish the ground for future growth.

This card can represent Fishermen or Ocean Divers.  Intense dreams may be happening when this card shows up.  These could be intuitive dreams or nightmares brought on by medications.

You may feel unsure of your path.  You need to follow your intuition or inner light.  Listen to your gut.  This card can literally mean you are travelling in the dark.  Be cautious when travelling.

At work you may have conflicts.  Romances may be disappointing or you may get some upsetting news about a loved one.

This Full Moon will bring challenges and emotional upheaval. Change is coming and you will have success.  Try to stay neutral.  The change will bring good fortune. Get out under the full moon and set your intentions to get through this.

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