Sunday, August 3, 2014

Reading for Super Moon August 10th 2014

The one card reading for the Super Moon August 10th, 2014.  The Hierophant # 5.
The number 5 stands for change, expansion, challenges and fluctuations.

If you have been seeking spiritual guidance, you are now ready to hear and listen to the message.

It looks like this Super Moon will be all about obstacles, conflicts, regrouping, and complications.  Don't let this worry you because you are now forewarned.

Balance and conformity is the message of the Hierophant.  Don't do anything radical.  Go with the flow for a while.  This will manifest in different ways.  Personally, a new relationship may not pan out, but you knew it wasn't right to begin with.  Move on and let go of past hurts.  New opportunities are coming.

Financially you may get the run around with paperwork.  Someone may forget to pay you. It will work out, but cause you aggravation.

Professionally you may not be able to get your ideas off the ground, but this may be a blessing in disguise. A different direction will bring success.

Physically you may be experiencing respiratory problems.

The Hierophant explains the mysteries.  You may need to seek the advice of someone who is more qualified than yourself.

No matter what is going on a full moon is a powerfull moon.  Make your affirmations on the full moon!

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