Saturday, December 6, 2014

Long Nights Moon One Card Reading

The days are shorter and the nights are longer, hence the Long Nights Moon.   Also known as the Moon Before Yule, this moon is full today.

The one card reading for the Long Nights Moon:  The Hermit.

Holding a lamp to light the way, the Hermit is not lost, he knows the way. The lamp he carries holds a six pointed star like the seal of Solomon.  With a walking stick for stability, the Hermit has gained the knowledge and lights the way for the rest of us who are searching.

The Hermit can represent a Scientist or Researcher. This can show someone on a spiritual journey.  This card is wisdom and leadership. The card is numbered 9.  Compassion, spirituality, the completion of a cycle are represented by the number 9.

You may have to take a business trip.  At work, others may be coming to you for help.  As far as finances go this card is a good omen.  It can show that you will be recognized at work and will have financial success.  You will have enough money for the things you want to do after paying the bills.

If you have been feeling isolated, a cycle is about to end that will change things for you for the better. An old friend or admirer may contact you.  You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This card can show that someone is considering a major lifestyle change or a big move.  You will find what you are looking for.  If beginning a new business, it will be successful.  A health issue will turn out not to be a problem.

Know that the worst is over.  Like the full moon, a new cycle is about to begin.

Get out there and soak up the Long Nights Moon rays!

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