Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Reading

The countdown is on to Christmas.  Black Friday is here.  Some of my friends started last night.  I was too full of turkey to experience the adventure.

The one card reading for Black Friday - The 2 of Cups

The 2 of cups is a card of relationships,  Not always romantic, it can be a business relationship or just friends.  This is a card of choices, negotiations and cooperation. The Cups of success.

If you are in business negotiations things look good for you.  At the start of a romantic relationship?
This card shows you may be feeling that "love at first sight", but don't get too excited, you don't know them very well yet. Already in a relationship?  You seem to get along well together.  You may have to make a choice between to loves!

If you have been estranged from a friend or family this card shows a reconciliation. No matter what is going on now in your life things will start to look up.  A financial problem that has been bothering you will get resolved.  You may hear some good news or get a job offer.

A short trip or excursion will be fun or go well.  Making it home without being trampled at Walmart
would be a very positive thing!

Be safe on Black Friday!

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