Sunday, January 4, 2015

Full Wolf Moon January 2015 One Card Reading

Happy New Year!

The first full moon of 2015 is upon us.  On cold January nights, the native tribes could hear the hungry wolves howling at the moon.  That is how this moon got its name.

This is an intense moon.  This moon brings things up that need changing.  The pot may really get stirred up!  Let go of the past and all its hurts.  This is difficult to do, but you must deal with it in order to let go and move forward.

Listen to you intuition or listen to your gut.  This is a time for growth.  Fears for the future or your future financial security will come to the fore.  Now is the time to take care of things.

I shuffled the deck and while shuffling the Ace of Pentacles fell out.  It looks like the hand of God is coming out the clouds holding a pentacle in his hand over a beautiful garden.  Pentacles are the earth, the roots for things to grow.  Manifestation and prosperity.  Money and material things.  Issues relating to work and security.  Investments. Think of these things when you see this card in your reading.

The Pentacles don't move quickly, but this signals a turn for the better in wealth.  If you want to succeed, you need to start now.  The ground is fertile for growth and a fresh start.

Are you overly concerned with your financial status or defined by it?  You need to clearly define your goals.  The time frame may be March through May.  A job interview may be coming.

A romance thought over may be rekindled or someone you have haven't heard from in a while will contact you.  If already involved with someone you may need to talk about the goals for the relationship.

Know that if you clearly define your goals and keep an optimistic attitude, you will get through and PROSPER.

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