Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day One Card Reading

February 14th, 2015.  Valentines Day.

Remember the Valentine parties at school with candy and the little valentines cards?  It was always a fun day.   When we get older its flowers, candy, jewelry and maybe an engagement.

For the one card reading I got the The Queen of Wands.  The Queen sits on her throne holding a sunflower.  Sunflowers follow the Sun as it moves.  The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo.  The black cat shows her independence and her mystery.

When you think of the Queen of Wands think of someone who is strong, capable, optimistic.  This person will take charge of situation.  The Queen is independent, but has many friends and is usually the center of attention.

People are attracted to the Queen of Wands because of her energy, warmth and sex appeal!

When this card shows up, the focus may be on family matters or spiritual pursuits. You will hear some very good news, probably work related, but it can also mean love affairs.  Since today is Valentines Day, this is what we will focus on.

You may find out that you have an admirer very soon.

A relationship may come to an end, but something else is on the horizon.

This card is about personal fulfillment.  You may need to take charge of a situation to get what you want.  You may need to be more positive.  Get involved don't stand back and watch.

The Queen of Wands has a lot of sex appeal,  On the warning side of this card, it can mean that someone may need attention or is always seeking attention.

You have the ability to attract whatever you want.  Make sure you only attract the best.

Happy Valentines Day!

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