Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Full Crust Moon Reading

The last Full Moon of Winter is March 5th.  According to the Farmers Almanac, it is known as the Full Crust Moon or Full Worm Moon.  I will stick with the Full Crust Moon.  Because the snow would get crusted from thawing and freezing.  This is more apropos for most of the country anyway.

The card I drew for the one card reading, The Moon.

The Moon is a major card and usually means a big event.  The first thing I always think when I pull the Moon card is disturbance.  Something is not right or not what you thought it was.  This can be related to career, work relationships, love relationships and just about any situation.

The dog stands for our tamed mind and the wolf, our primal urges. The crayfish shows the emerging subconscious.  If you do not pay attention to the messages you may be deceived.  It is necessary to pay attention so that you can see what is below the surface.  The dew drops coming from the moon will nourish the ground for future growth.

This card can represent Fishermen or Ocean Divers.  Intense dreams may be happening when this card shows up.  These could be intuitive dreams or nightmares brought on by medications.

You may feel unsure of your path.  You need to follow your intuition or inner light.  Listen to your gut.  This card can literally mean you are travelling in the dark.  Be cautious when travelling.

At work you may have conflicts.  Romances may be disappointing or you may get some upsetting news about a loved one.

This Full Moon will bring challenges and emotional upheaval. Change is coming and you will have success.  Try to stay neutral.  The change will bring good fortune. Get out under the full moon and set your intentions to get through this.

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