Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain

It's almost Halloween. The Halloween decorations are up.  Kids are getting their costumes ready.

Halloween has it's roots in Christianity and Paganism.  All Saints Day is November 1.  It was originally celebrated in May, but there are conflicting stories as to how it got moved to November 1. One story being that the Feast was moved to coincide with the Pagan holiday to convert the Pagans.  The other is that a Pope moved the date to coincide with the dedication of a church honoring the Saints.  The word halloween comes from hallow meaning holy or sanctified.  All Saints Eve or All Hallows Eve becomes Halloween.

Samhain, meaning Summers end, is an ancient Celtic celebration of the final harvest and the beginning of Winter. It is celebrated starting at sunset October 31.  The Celts believed the curtain between the living and the dead was lifted during Samhain letting the spirits roam around the living.

The one card reading for Halloween and Samhain:  The Chariot
The Chariot is victory through strength.  When the card is referring to a person, they will be strong willed.
The Chariot is ruled by the sign Cancer which is ruled by the Moon.  The moon stands for the ebb and flow of life.

The Chariot shows that you must take action to succeed.  The two crescent moons on the Charioteer's shoulders mean there is a new beginning at hand.  In order to bring about this new beginning you will need to harness your energies.  You may be lacking direction in your life.  You need to take control of the reins.  You may need to combine forces to regain control.  You can see in the card the the Charioteer has no reins. Willpower is how he controls the chariot.   Success will be attained as long as you maintain control.

This card can also mean winning a lawsuit or you may need to confront someone over a money issue.  If you are wondering which way to go, let go of doubt and success will come.  Don't let your fears guide you.  The Chariot is advancement through bold action.

The Chariot can just mean your transportation.  You could be getting a new car. Someone is going to pass their drivers test.  If you are wondering about travel or relocation the answer is yes.  Since it is Halloween and this card represents transportation, be very careful driving especially in the neighborhoods where all the little goblins will be trick or treating!

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain!

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