Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Moon in Scorpio

Tomorrow we are in Scorpio with a New Moon in Scorpio! Scorpio is a sign of power.

A New Moon brings new beginnings.  Once again get your affirmations ready for new beginnings.

The one card reading for Scorpio and the New Moon:  The Empress

The Empress wears a crown with 12 stars symbolizing the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  The gown she wears is decorated with ripe pomegranates symbolizing fertility and sensuality.  The Empress is the creator of life, romance or business.  The fruit can mean fertility and pregnancy, but can also be a fruitful mind.  The Empress is the power of creation so she is the Mother of ideas!  Trust your intuition.  A new business idea will be fruitful.

The Empress represents all things beautiful or considered beautiful.  So this can mean someone having cosmetic surgery.

This card can mean you are having issues with you Mother or Mother figure.  It can simply mean juicy gossip.  This card is a good omen if you are trying to get pregnant.  Positive changes in attitude will bring success.

There is a warning to read all documents carefully and trust your feelings about them.  If you are writing documents, make sure your intentions are clearly understood.

You also need to manage your stress.  Upper back problems may be from stress.  A positive attitude is needed.  If you are longing for love, you need to open up to unconditional love.  If you find comfort in nature, take a walk, visit a garden, an aquarium.  Enjoy the peaceful feelings!

There may be some delays in your financial dealings, but the money will be coming.

Happy New Moon!

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