Monday, March 16, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day One Card Reading For March 17, 2015

La Fheile Padraig Sona Dhuit!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day To You!

Saint   Patrick's Day was a quiet religious holiday in Ireland celebrating the life of one of Christianity's best known figures.  So who turned St. Patrick's Day in to the major party day it has become?  That would be us here in America.

As more Irish hit the shores of America, the bigger the party got.  We have some good wakes too, but that's another blog topic.

In honor of my Irish roots, I am using the Celtic Tarot Deck for this one card reading.

The Six of Cups.

Happiness from the past. Nostalgia, pleasant memories. Content with a relationship.  The memories may be pleasant, but don't dwell on the past.  Always look to the future.

After the disappointment of the 5 of cups, the 6 of cups counsels you to look back at all you have been through.  You will realize that you have made it through some tough times. You now know you can make it through anything.  It may have strengthened your relationship with a Husband, lover or other family members.

It may be time to make new friends.  You may run in to old friends or relatives.

This card is good for finances.  Things will work out better than you thought.  In regards to business, things will work out, but a compromise will have to be made.

Happiness from the past can mean someone is returning.  This card shows the feeling of being loved or a gift being received.  Whatever trials are coming your way, you can handle it.

Now go put on your green clothes, your shamrock earrings and go have some green beoir.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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