Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Moon in Sagittarius

We have a new moon in Sagittarius today.  Sagittarius, a fire sign, is the sign of the seeker.

When I think of Sagittarius I think of the Fool card in the Tarot.  The Fool, like Sagittarius, is a freedom loving adventurer.  Sagittarius craves new experiences.  They can be philosophical and can make good teachers.  Sagittarius is carefree, but on the opposite side this can be carelessness and irresponsibility.

The one card reading for the New  Moon in Sagittarius  - The Star

The Star, one of the most positive cards in the deck, is the card of faith.  Hope and inspiration. You must have faith in yourself as well as others.  Believe and it will happen!

If you have been completely off track  the Star is here to lead the way back to the right path.  Work may not be going as you like and you feel the need for a change. Now is the time to work on your professional goals.  Things are going to work out.

Finances are going to be good.  If you are struggling now, the future looks promising.  There could be a surprise financial break!

The Star card is number 8.  The number 8 is very positive.  A positive change of mind.  If you have been trying to sell a property, you may get some offers.

If you are in a relationship you may feel a very strong bond to that person.  If
hoping to be in a relationship, keep the faith.  Believe in the future.  Trust yourself to find that right person.  Someone who is kind and caring.

With a new moon comes new beginnings.  As we wait for the full moon, go out and wish on a star.
The future looks bright.


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