Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Card Reading For Full Beaver Moon In Taurus

November 6 we will have the full moon in Taurus.  This full moon is also called the Beaver Moon (get your mind out of the gutter) or the Frost Moon. One explanation for the name Beaver Moon is that the Algonquin Indians and the Colonists were setting their beaver traps at this time of year to make sure they had enough warm furs for the winter.  The other is just that the beavers were most active this time of year.

At the full moon, we achieve balance.  The intentions that you set at the new moon come full circle. Under this full moon you feel your sensual side more active. You may need to achieve better balance in your relationships now is the time to work on this.  This full moon is also a creative full moon. Take a close look at your finances.  Look at different ways to generate income.

The one card reading for the Full Moon In Taurus: The Ace of Wands.

The Ace of Wands is the initial burst of creativity.  Aces mark a fresh start.  Think new beginnings, ideas, ambitions.  Now is the time to act to achieve success.

You may start a project at home or a business out of the home.  Ideas about a new business are starting to form.  There may have been worry about a project or lack of clients, but this card shows that you will hear good news about a new business or your work.

You may be starting a new treatment or purification program.  The Ace of Wands is creation, birth or start of things so this can also mean the start of a pregnancy.  This is a good time for new beginnings!

If you are in to Crystals take them out into the moonlight and cleanse them.

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Happy Beaver Moon!!

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