Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving One Card Reading

Put away the Spanx and loosen your belts.  It is Thanksgiving.

We now can go into a panic about how close it is to Christmas, but first let's enjoy the turkey.  You don't need too many decorations for Thanksgiving.  At Christmas you may have to be in competition with your neighbor to see who can get the highest electric bill with Christmas lights.

I am very fortunate at Thanksgiving.  My Daughter is a Mayflower descendant.  I use my Daughter and her 3 children as decorations.  We have living history at our table!  Now that my Parents are gone, I am the home the family travels back to at the holidays.  It is now my duty to create the dysfunctional family holiday in my home and I try my best to continue the tradition.

The one card reading for Thanksgiving - The 6 of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles shows a man giving money to those in need.  When this card shows up in your reading it may show your generosity or that you need to be more generous.  This does not always mean the generosity of money.  It can be the generosity of your time or advice.  The man is holding scales which shows the need for balance.  Don't give too much of yourself.

Depending on your situation, this card can mean that if you are in need of help, you just need to ask.
Someone is willing to help.

This card can mean enjoyment of good times with friends. Someone may show their appreciation to you.  Debts will get paid.  This can show that you will be spending money.  Possibly Black Friday?
If you have been under a lot of stress, things will get better.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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