Friday, April 3, 2015

Cars A to Z Blogging Challenge

You can't do much without a car.  Without a car, you are dependent on friends and family to get you around or public transportation.

We all need cars to get to work, the doctor, taking the kids to school, grocery shopping, etc.  Then there are those who just love cars.  My Fiance falls into this category.  It is so nice to see someone enjoying a hobby.  Bob will spend every weekend working on his cars.  These are his toys and he says he loves to work on them.

Early in our relationship I used to love standing in the driveway and hand the tools to him as he enjoyed his hobby.  It did not take long before I realized drinking wine in the kitchen was preferable to being yelled at from under the car.  The mother fu#%&!* shock won't go on correctly. " Hand me the wrench"  I oblige and hand the wrench.  "This isn't a wrench!! this is an electric screwdriver!!" The only tool I am familiar with is the power wine bottle opener so I head inside.

I also remember car rides. In college we would  jam seven people into a four seat Mustang and head into Boston I remember legs hanging out the window driving down Commonwealth Ave.. The two car rides when I went into labor with my Daughter and my Son. The limousine ride to my Father's burial was the most painful.  The most recent memorable car ride was after my Grandson was born prematurely.  I had to drive my Daughter home from the hospital without the baby who was not ready to go home.
 My son was with me.  we drove along quietly until my son said "This is the first time the 3 three of us have been alone together for years."  It made me remember the trips to Disney with the two of them fighting all the way and me threatening to let them walk if they didn't stop fighting.

In the Tarot, the Chariot can represent our "wheels".  The Chariot is a major card and you may wonder why a major card represents our cars.  Well, as you can see, cars are very important to our lives.   In questions about finance, this card is telling you that you may have an issue with money. You will have to step up to get what you want. This is a victory card, but you will have to work at it.


  1. I think tarot is so fascinating. I look forward to learning more about it through your blog!

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

  2. Cars sure get us everywhere, but they are a pain in the butt when they break.