Thursday, April 23, 2015

Theft For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

The Seven of Swords  - Theft, con artist, trickery or deception is not the best way to win.  This card can indicate a victory, but you can see that two swords are left behind. You may need to make a compromise.

You may want to get away from a bad work situation.  This is also indicative of anxiety over money, but can show an unexpected financial gain.

I always tell people that when a bad card appears it is a warning.  If you are forewarned, you can change things, but with this card that does not seem to happen.  You may have let someone into your life who will screw you.  The warnings were already missed.   You may have been or will be the victim of deception.  You have let this happen.  Make sure that plan B is in place and you will be fine.

In questions asking about a future relationship with someone you have met, forget it.  This person may be trying to get away with something.  In this case you are being forewarned.

I know there are positive aspects to this card, but I usually see the more sneaky sides when I see this card in a reading.  The unexpected financial gains, I have seen, but it is not often.

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