Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sorrow For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

The Three of Swords.  The sorrow that comes with this card is deep emotional pain.  However, pain is necessary .  Without it we would not know how precious joy is.

Three's are group activities,communications and words.  That means this card can indicate bad news.  It shows that your friends will stick with you through the rough times.

When this card comes up in a question about romance, there will be a broken heart.  You may find out something about the other person that will feel like a stab in the heart.  This could show a third person entering a relationship that will break it up.

Depending on the surrounding cards, this can mean heartache or an actual heart attack possibly brought on by sadness or stress.  There is a definite need to unwind.

If you have been offered a job, it will not be what you were looking for.  The good news is that whatever your disappointment has been will be replaced with joy.  Things did not work out for a reason and something much better is coming.  Keep the faith.

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