Monday, April 20, 2015

Quest For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

The Hermit has been on a quest his entire life.  The quest for knowledge.  From this knowledge the Hermit has gained wisdom.  Not everyone is able to do this.   Wisdom can not be taught.  Although this card can mean a teacher, the Hermit does not teach he is more a guide.  The student must learn the lessons by himself.

The Hermit is facing left which can indicate the past.  Looking to the past to help solve a problem. However, with negative cards it can mean that you are looking in the wrong place.  It could be someone from your past making contact with you.

The Hermit is alone, but not lonely.  This person likes to spend time alone.  This card may signal that you need to spend some time alone to figure things out.

Research and study are represented by this card also travel to gain knowledge.  This card can show up when you are taking courses for your job.  Conventions.  Just make sure that if the convention is in Las Vegas, that you do attend classes.  At least a couple.

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