Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Restriction For The A to Z Blogging Challenge

This card shows restriction.  When you look at the card closely you will see the the woman is bound loosely.  The person in this card can easily free themselves.  look at the bindings.  They are about to fall off.   The feet are not bound. She then can remove the blindfold to see what is happening.  Fear  is stopping her.  Are you afraid to see what is in front of you?

Has someone been putting you down?  Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.

If the question is about someone who is likely to get in trouble with the law.  They better watch out; This can can show imprisonment.

financially and emotionally you are feeling trapped.  You will get over this  Nobody is trying to keep you bound,  You have brought on the restriction by yourself.

If you have been offered a job, it will not be the one you want.  If already in a job it is time to look for another.

The most important message of this card is that there is always a way out.  You need to open your eyes. Don't be afraid to see or to take the blind fold off.

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