Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Failure The A to Z Blogging Challenge

Failure.  We all fear it and we all experience it.  Avoidance is pointless, but we always try.  However, there is always a lesson in failure if you are paying attention.

The Ten of Swords, I think, is the worse card in the deck.  Failure, backstabbing, devastation.  Yet the sun still shines in the card.  The worst is over.  It is time to pick yourself up, think about what just happened and move forward.

I am not a Psychic or fortune teller.  The Tarot cards are a reflection of the inner mind.  Whenever I do a reading and a card like this comes up, the client is not usually surprised.  They know what is going on.    Usually I hear " Ya, I knew that was coming".

The Ten of Swords can mean stress or backstabbing gossip at work.  Financially, this shows the worst is over and finances will begin to improve.  It may be a decision to leave a job that has not been good.

Turn away from negative thinking and move on.

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  1. Great post, Susan. I've seen a few bloggers go with the theme of Failure today. I do like the positive take on it here that after failure we can bounce back.