Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gallows the A to Z Blogging Challenge

Gallows: A wooden frame, consisting of a crossbeam on two uprights, on which condemned persons are executed by hanging.

The first image that comes to mind for me is the Hanged Man.

When you look at this hanged man you do not see distress.  This is waiting.  Life in suspension.  Young people always feel like their lives are not moving fast enough.  Very quickly they will find out how fast life is moving.

Have you ever felt stuck?  That is what this card is saying.  You are stuck, but there may be a good reason for it.  For some reason you are not supposed to be moving forward at this time.

With negative cards this can mean frustration and delay, with positive cards this can counsel delay.

In relationships watch out that you are not being a door mat.  If you question is when will something happen, The Hanged Man does not say it will not happen, but don't expect quick results.

There is a greater power controlling our destiny.  Surrender to the higher power and in time you will understand why you were held back.  Problems are coming to an end.

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