Thursday, April 16, 2015

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The Six of Swords: Navigating the trials of life. A turning point.

A woman and child huddled together in a boat.  A man is steering the boat away from choppy waters. No one is looking back.

This card reminds me of my past.  I had to leave an abusive marriage.  Taking my children I had to escape.  I took nothing with me, but all of our clothes.  With the help of friends, I got away safely.  I never looked back.  Sixteen years later, I look at this card and try to remember that scared person. She is long gone.

Don't hold on to the past you must move forward.  This card is leaving a bad situation and charting a new course.  You are now on the road to recovery.

There may be obstacles along your path, but these will be resolved.

A romantic relationship will not turn out as you had hoped, but that is ok.  Just move on.

In regards to finances this card shows that there may be some trouble especially if you are trying to collect money.  Things are going to get better.  It's not winning the lottery, but money problems will ease up.

You may have to end a partnership, business or personal.  Recognition that you are not moving in the right direction can be difficult.  Face it and start moving forward.

If the question is about moving, this card can simply mean yes to the move. Abandon projects that you know are not working and look to the future.

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