Monday, April 6, 2015

Emperor for the A to Z Blogging Challenge

The Emperor.  The father figure.  The fourth card in the deck.  The number four is manifestation.

This card is a very masculine card.  However, this may just mean that you need more of the Emperor's traits to accomplish your goal.  This does not always mean that this represents a man in a reading.

There are reasons for rules and the Emperor will show you why.  Highly organized, others may see this person as controlling.  Usually of high morals, but this card can mean a political leader and politics and high morals don't usually go hand in hand.

The focus with this card is manifestation and the formation of an idea.  Plan carefully.  If an idea is built on a solid foundation it will work out.   The Emperor is not quick to make a decision he is very careful in his deliberations.

This card shows success in finances. You may be discussing future plans with a partner in business or in love.

With negative cards it can show lack of leadership or abuse of power. Government and corporate bureaucracy are represented by this card.
 With a question of  what should I do, this card means you may need to take control, be more assertive.  Be the Emperor.

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  1. Most interesting break down of the card's features and possible meaning, thank you.
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